parkour park equipment  
  body and street workout equipment  
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  we have been developing very compact ans smart street workout equipments    
  for bublic body and weight workout    
    body workout S  
L = 6.0m
W = 4.5m
H = 2.4m
> area total: 9 x 7,5m
> safety area: min. 58m²
    workout station "II"        
    street workout park M  
L = 7.5m
W = 5.0m
H = 2.4m
> area total: 10.5 x 8,0m
> safety area: min. 84m²
    workout station "IV"        
    street workout park M  
L = 10.5m
W = 7.5m
H = 3.0m
> area total: 10.5 x 13,5m
> safety area: min. 130m²
    body & street workout park "VI"        
    street workout park M  
L = 11.5m
W = 5.5m
H = 3.0m
> area total: 14.5 x 8,5m
> safety area: min. 124m²
    body & street workout park "X"        
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